Nigeria Has Spiritual Problem That Needs Spiritual Solution – Pastor Adeboye Reveals

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, says Nigeria has a spiritual problem which requires spiritual solution.

The man of God while speaking at a crusade in Kaduna recently, said even though the problems of Nigeria have persisted and getting worse in some parts of the country, it won’t will not last forever.

He said his coming to Kaduna, is not just to gather people and pray for them, but it is an opportunity to let the people know that “tomorrow is going to be alright if Nigerians can be a little more patient with God”.

Adeboye went on to appreciate Nigerian leaders for trying their best in terms of taking care of their people.

He said;

“I have come again this time around because it is has become more and more clearer to us that, the problems our nation is facing is more than political. Our problems will require quiet a bit of spiritual solution.

“We as a country are blessed; we are blessed with people with great intelligence, we are blessed with all manners of resources and yet we have so many problems.

“And it is not as if people in authority are not trying their best; they are doing as much as humanly possible. And then we found out that when you have problems that are beyond human ability to solve them, then, you call on the Almighty. The reason we call Him Almighty is because He has the power to solve all problems”.

“That is why we have been going round holding crusade and the crusade are just a means of gathering people together to let them know tomorrow is going to be all right if we can be a little more patient with God.

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