It Breaks My Heart To See FG Giving People Grains As If They Are Pigeons – NLC President Says

Comrade Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has said, it is a pity to see the Nigerian Government sharing grains as palliative to the people as if they pigeons or other birds.

Recall, on Thursday February 8, in a bit to cushion the hardship Nigerians are facing, President Bola Tinubu, ordered the immediate release of about 102,000 metric tonnes of rice, maize, millet and garri from government reserved stores.

Ajaero who was not pleased with the government, says that Tinubu government is a big disgrace to it’s people and needs to do better.

He revealed this during an interview he appeared as a guest on Sunday, February 11.

He said;

“I feel sad when we talk of federal government giving people grains as if we are giving grains to pigeons and all these other birds. At this time and age in Nigeria, we are talking of federal government providing how many tonnes of grains to Nigerians as a measure of stemming the level of hunger and poverty in the country. I beg to disagree that that is a serious insult to Nigerians I think that we should think of something else.”

“If somebody is telling us that it is going to start work today and tomorrow, have they kept the promise? That is the question. Heck no. I think the issue of trust should be paramount in whatever we do as a government and as a people. If we look at the end of every federal executive council meeting you will discover that the federal executive council meeting seems to have transformed into a procurement committee… not directly on policy issues.

“Even when they had agreements with organised labour, with Nigerians, such meetings don’t come out with clear statements on how to implement them, and I am getting worried. So, when Nigerians are hungry, you give them some bags of grains as a solution, that’s not what we need at this point in time.”

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