Who is this beautiful, curvy girl always seen with Victor Osimhen – Fan asks

It is no longer news that fans of the famous Nigerian Footballer, Victor Osimhen have expressed concern as they swarmed the comments section, asking why Victor Osimhen was consistently seen with the lady.

There is a video of Victor Osimhen with a gorgeous woman piqued people’s interest online.

On TikTok, @oganlamedia’s shared a video, where fans needed to know the relationship between these two people.

Victor Osimhen wore a suit in the publicly published video, but his girlfriend—whose name was kept a secret—wore a frock walking behind him briskly.

According to reports, the Cameroonian lady known as Stefanie Kim Ladewig and the Nigerian striker are allegedly in a relationship and have a child together.

Read Netizens comment below…

@GUSTAVO said: “Who is that girl that always follows him up and down.”

@odichukwukenneth said: “Victor wait for your wife.”

@DJ Fago reacted: “Why is she behind?”

@Azafamily entertainment said: “Why my girl d follow u up and down.”

@Oscarusengakamegotinoza said: “Be careful of the one behind you, lets hope you clever like hakimi.”

@old man said: “What she is doing behind woman.”

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