“If We See Tinubu, We Will Beat Him Up Over Hardshi” – Market women warns

Some market women berated the president of Nigeria, Tinubu threatened to beat him up if they meet him one-on-one.

This set of market women are from Ogun State, and due to economical downfall, the woman worries about Bola Tinubu’s resignation over the soaring prices of goods and the biting hardship in the country.

The market women disclosed this while speaking to a news reporter in a video seen by SaharaReporters on Wednesday. They noted that Tinubu disappointed Nigerians, particularly the Yoruba. 

An elderly woman said “He has disappointed us in Yoruba land, he is not behaving like a Yoruba man.” 

Another one asserted that “Everything is so costly to the extent that we cannot afford to buy one bowl of garri. We are tired of everything, when I started business, a carton of fish was 200 naira but now it is 20,000 naira.

“We don’t have food to eat, old people are dying. Business is not moving, and there’s nothing. We are all hungry.
“This problem is too much. If you can’t solve our problem, don’t add to it.” 

Another trader appealed to the president to have mercy on Nigerians, saying, “We’re tired of Nigeria; everything is costly, everything is getting costly every day.”

“What he promised us is not what’s happening now. This is too much.”
“At this point we are tired, things are too costly. A carton of Titus is N100,000; it used to cost N17,000. Kote is going to N60,000. Shawa, which we used to sell for N70, now goes for N700.”  

When asked what they would tell the president if they had the opportunity to see him, one of the traders said “We will beat the President if we have opportunity of seeing him, we will beat him. What he told us is not what he is doing.”

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