Boy Stabs Girl To Death On Croydon Bus, After She Rejected Flowers, A Day After She Dumped Him

The 15-year-old victim, a pupil at Old Palace of John Whitgift School, died immediately she was stabbed on a No 60 double-decker bus, in Croydon, in South London. Within the investigation held, a LOVE note has been found as a girl was stabbed to death on a bus after rejecting flowers from a boy she dumped the some hours ago.

An eyewitness said that the girl’s attacker, handed her flowers, which she rejected before he went ahead to stab her. The incident happened around the hours of 8.30am.

At the scene, the officers saw a LOVE NOTE dropped, along with blood-stained roses, believed to be plastic.

Multiple witnesses claimed that the weapon he used on her, was a machete-like blade.

However, the driver of the bus which was heading to Streatham Station, is said to have asked passengers to look for the weapon.

A 17-year-old boy, believed to be known to the victim, was arrested in New Addington and remains in custody, the Metropolitan Police said; the Sun Reported.

And witnesses have since revealed devastating details of the bloody stabbing, which reportedly saw the bus driver covered in blood as he tried to save the girl.

Thomas, who works on the nearby Landsdown Building site, said her friend saw a group of schoolchildren and adults running from the scene immediately after the stabbing at around 8.30am this morning.

Ms Thomas, 28, said: “Apparently she [the victim] broke up with her boyfriend yesterday.

“My friend said there was people with their children running everywhere.

“The only person who stayed was the bus driver. A lot of people got out their vehicles and started running.

“My friend said they were off the bus, talking, the boy and the girl.

“The boy gave her flowers, but she didn’t want anything to do with him.

“Then he got violent and stabbed her. My friend said the knife was like a sword.“Then he got violent and stabbed her. My friend said the knife was like a sword.

“My friend was on [the opposite side of the road]. She crossed over just before she got stabbed.'”My friend was on [the opposite side of the road]. She crossed over just before she got stabbed.

“It was a packed bus. Kids and parents were running everywhere.”

“It was a packed bus. Kids and parents were running everywhere.”

Another witness claimed the knife was like a “machete”.

A man also described how he and others chased a boy.

Victor Asare was on a bus on the way home from a night shift as a security worker when he said he saw a boy in a black blazer stab a girl in the neck with a knife which was “black, thin and about a foot long”.

The 50-year-old said: “The boy wore a black blazer, the girl wore green. It looked like the girl didn’t want the boy to come closer.”

He then described the boy stabbing the girl in the neck with a black knife.

“A lot of people came, everyone came off the bus. [The boy] ran away,” he added.

“I spoke to their parents. It was pure devastation, shock and disbelief.”

The girl’s heartbroken parents rushed to the scene after being told of the incident in a telephone call from one of victim’s friends, Mr Watkins said.

He continued: “The parents were contacted by some of the girls who were involved and spoken to by a friend.

“They came down after, and unfortunately weren’t able to arrive in time (before their daughter died). She was relatively local to the area.”

Forensic officers are currently at the scene, with the No 60 double decker bus cordoned off outside the Whitgift Centre.

The Arriva No 60 bus has “Streatham Station” on its screen.

A huge police cordon has been set up and the entire carriageway where the bus is has been closed off.

Jason Perry, Mayor of Croydon, said: “I am devastated to hear that the teenage girl who was stabbed in the town centre this morning has tragically died.

“The Council are in touch with the police and will fully support their investigations.

“Our whole community’s thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends.”

He added: “A suspect, who is believed to have known the victim, has been arrested, and I would like to thank all those who responded so quickly to the incident.”

Old Palace released a statement after the tragedy, saying: “We are deeply shocked by the senseless and tragic death of our much-loved and valued friend and pupil.

“It will take some time for the Old Palace community to come to terms with this terrible news, and we will offer support to our pupils as we try to do so.

“Above all, we send our love and deepest sympathies to the girl’s family at this unimaginably distressing time.”

Chief Superintendent Andy Brittain said: “Our immediate thoughts are with this young girl’s family who are facing the most tragic of news. Our officers are with the girl’s family to support them.

“I am in contact with the local community, who are clearly as concerned as we are about this tragic incident. I shall continue to update them throughout the day.”

Mr Brittain added: “My officers were immediately on scene to provide first aid and support paramedics.

“Acting on information provided to them, officers also worked closely with colleagues from across the Met and the British Transport Police to track a teenager in connection with the stabbing.

“I can confirm that an arrest was made at about 9.45am in the Croydon area. At this early stage we believe that he may have known her.

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