Number Of Naira Marley’s Instagram Followers Drops Drastically From 7.6M To 7M

News reaching RantHq has it that Naira Marley has lost a major number of followers after the news of Mohbad’s death. His Instagram followers have drastically fallen from 7.6M to 7M followers.

Recall there have been accusations of his involvement with the sudden demise of the music star.

Many accused him of oppressing the late star while he was a signee with his record label and also sent some of his thugs to cause bodily harm and bully the late Mohbad.

After a plea has been extended to radio stations and DJs nationwide, urging them to amplify Mohbad’s music in commemoration of his life. Splash FM, a radio based radio station reportedly place a ban on all Naira Marley’s songs on their station. Now this is coming, Naira Marley gradually losing his social media followership, let’s see how event unfolds.

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