BBNAIJA ALL STARS: “They are Very Selfish”- Alex Tells Who The Most Selfish Couple Are In The Reality Tv Show

During the live diary session, Alex speaks on the most selfish couple in the BBN house. She unburdened her feelings about a certain ship that gets on her nerves.

Alex also revealed that Adekunle and Venita would cook and not clean up for themselves. Alex the said that they would complain about other housemates despite them doing the same thing.

Housemate Alex also revealed that she was upset about Venita’s behavior in the house. She already had an impression of Adekunle’s character but this was unlike Venita. She claimed that Venita was much different outside the house.

She also corroborated Doyin’s story. She said Venita was indeed making the house uncomfortable for Doyin. She said Venita would make remarks when Doyin is passing. Doing about smell and how she wants to throw up…

In the end Alex claims that Adekunle and Venita were the most selfish couple.

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