BBNaija: Alex And Pere As They F!ght Dirty In Biggies House Today

In the house today another drama unfolded, after Pere and Alex engage in a heated argument this afternoon.

What triggered their argument was that Pere and Omashola were jokingly exchanging words with each other.

While their argument was going on, Pere insulted Omashola’s dad, but he was not specific about it, while Alex thought he insulted her dad.

Unknown to Alex, who warned Pere, Pere did not insult her dad; he only insulted Omashola’s dad during his conversation with him.

Pere was not pleased about Alex’s warning, and he asked Neo if he insulted Alex’s dad.

So, Neo confirmed in the presence of other housemates that Pere never insulted Alex’s dad; rather, he insulted Omashola’s dad.

Pere warned Alex never to try such a thing with him again.

Alex responded to Pere, and she told him other housemates in the house value their parents.

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