Shehu Sani Welcomes Tinubu Visa Ban Development

Former lawmaker Senator Shehu Sani, has commended President Bola Tinubu initiative to resolve the Dubai visa ban on Nigeria by the United Arab Emirates authorities.

According to Shehu, president Tinubu’s move to end the Dubai Visa ban was a good idea.

He urged the the Federal Government to look into bad activities plaguing the country in order to make governance efficient.

“The efforts by the FG to reach out to the UAE Government to end the Dubai Visa ban is a welcome development, but the Nigerian Government has a lot to do to checkmate the criminal activities of some of our unscrupulous citizens”, Sani said.

“It took them years of hard work to build their country. No responsible country will allow such criminal activities.”

“People suspected or involved in violent crimes, drug peddling or racketeering must be stopped and blacklisted by the Nigerian Immigration Service right here.

“We need to work on ourselves first”, he noted.

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