How To Store Ginger So It Stays Longer

It is best to store ginger in a cool, dry place. A dark cupboard or pantry is ideal. You can also store ginger in the fridge, but it is important to keep it wrapped in paper towels or a cloth to absorb any excess moisture. Avoid storing ginger in plastic, as this can cause it to spoil more quickly. If you are planning to store your ginger for an extended period of time, you can try freezing it. Just grate or mince the ginger, then place it in a freezer-safe bag or container.

When it comes to long-term storage, drying is another option. Start by peeling the ginger and slicing it into thin pieces. Then, place the pieces on a baking sheet and dry them in a low-temperature oven (around 200 degrees Fahrenheit) for several hours, until they are completely dry. Once they are dry, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Dried ginger will last for months, if not years, this way. You can also use dried ginger to make a flavorful tea.

Another option for storing ginger is to make a syrup. This can be done by simmering peeled, sliced ginger in a pot of water until the water has reduced by half. Then, strain the liquid and add sugar until it reaches the desired sweetness. You can store this syrup in the fridge for several weeks. The syrup can be used to flavor beverages, or you can mix it with sparkling water for a refreshing drink. This method is also great for using up ginger that is starting to go bad, as it will last longer in syrup form.

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