BBNAIJA ALL STARS: Mercy Eke Threatens Big Brother, After She Received Warning For Breaking House Rules

Mercy Eke in an unhappy mood, got infuriated by the most recent strike action upon her, as she threatens Big Brother after he warned her of breaking the house rules.

“Stop f*cking playing with me”, she chants, as she is calmed down by Ilebaye. Yesterday, after the anticipated pool party, Mercy wound up in a conversation with Ilebaye.

“This is between me and God, if I …. let me not win this show”, Mercy swears. Ilebaye asks her if she expects to win the show. Mercy proceeds to brag about her fanbase and, how resilient they are in making her a two-time winner of the BBNaija show

I’m gonna be a second-time winner. Are you guys kidding me?”, she asks rhetorically. Ilebaye proceeds to cheer her on by clapping her hands and making a noise of support.

While Mercy continues to brag, Biggie warns her of a microphone infringement. She gets mad at Big Brother. “Biggie… I will leave this house, don’t f*cking try me” she screams at Biggie. Ilebaye swiftly intercedes, trying to get her to be quiet. Despite, Ilebaye’s attempt, Mercy says she’s sane and not intoxicated.

“Don’t f*cking play me”, she charges at Biggie. Is Mercy drunk or are these just truths she’s kept hidden inside?

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