Ashmusy Spills The Beans: “With The Amount I Earn Monthly, I Can Only Appreciate 5 to 20 Million As Gift”

Social Media content creator and Influencer, Ashmusy, has sent a note of warning to any man who has plans of giving her monetary gifts.

Ashmusy who is also a comedian, in a recent interview disclosed that on a monthly basis, she earns 65 Million Naira. Sometimes the lowest amount she earns is 5 Million Naira.

The beautiful influencer revealed that, any gift lesser than 5 Million Naira won’t seat well with her and she will reject it.

She went on saying she believes anything lesser will be like “Chicken Change”- (Amount of money lower than ones expectation), not having any impact or usefulness in her life.

Watch the video for her Interview here 👇👇👇


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