PEPT:Court Dismisses Alleged Drug Case Against Tinubu

The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal has upholds President Bola Tinubu adding that he he cannot be disqualified on the grounds of alledged forfeiture of drug money in the US.

The noted that Tinubu was reportedly cleared by the Nigeria Police Force of criminal issues in the U.S., following an enquiry made by the police to the US law enforcement.

The court held that, “A civil forfeiture is a unique remedy which rests on the legal fixture that the property, not the owner, is the target, therefore, it does not require conviction or even a criminal charge against the owner as it is not a punishment for criminal purposes.

“The petitioners have failed to show evidence that the second respondent was indicted, charged or arraigned tried, and convicted and was sentenced to any term of imprisonment or fine for any particular offence.

“The second respondent was never fined for any offence and has no criminal record in the United States. In proof of their assertions, they have tendered exhibits RA8 and RA9 on the bar.”

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