“I Almost Commits Su!cide Because Nkechi Blessing Broke Shàmed Me” – Very Dark Man Reveals

Nigerian man identified as Very Dark Man, has revealed how actress Nkechi Blessing’s comment almost made him to end it all.

This follows a recent public spat between the two, triggered by Very Dark Man’s accusations against the actress and her skincare brand.

The conflict between them started when Very Dark Guy took aim at the actress’s endorsement of Dorinda skincare, alleging that the product was fake and that Nkechi Blessing has been using filters to deceive her customers.

In response, Nkechi Blessing retaliated by branding Very Dark Man as “broke” and “jobless” in a live video.

However, this didn’t go down well with Very Dark Man’s mental and emotional well-being as the comment almost pushed him to end his life.

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