“If you invite me to your wedding and your marriage spoils, you will refund my time invested and money” – Cubana Chief Priest Blows Hot

Celebrity Club owner and barman, Cubana chief priest, has sent a stern warning to intending couples.

In an Instagram post, he wrote:

“Before Una Break Up Make Una Try Dey Consider The Money/Time/Energy Wey We Invest For Una Marriage. Going Forward If You Dey Invite Me For Wedding We Go Get Agreement If Marriage Spoil Una Go Refund Me.”

This is coming with the rate at which marriages are broken. Cubana sent a note of warning, informing intending couples who have it in mind to invite him to their wedding. He advises that try their best possible to make it work.

He states that, he doesn’t find it befitting gracing an event, spending his time and money to a wedding event and at the end, the marriage crashes

Cubana warns, if he attends your wedding and it crashes later, you will have to REFUND him!

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