I Don’t forgive People Who Hurts Me Easily – Joeboy Says

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Joeboy has revealed that he hardly forgive people that betrayed him easily.

The singer revealed this recently during a Podcast show where he spoke on his come-up and his musical opinions.

When the topic of ‘forgive and forget’ pops up, he noted how difficult it is to forgive people who hurt him.

He said; “It’s hard for me to forgive and forget, I can’t lie. I’m sorry but I’m trying though. I can hold a grudge because one thing I like to do when it comes to relationships with people is to make sure I do everything right. So when someone acts funny with me I take it personally because I’d never do that to you, why are you doing that to me? That’s why I take it personally.”

He further said, even if he will forgive the person, it will take awhile to do that.

He said; “I might even forgive but it would take a while though, but I’d forgive, It’d be very difficult to give the person access again”. 

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