Soludo Blames Past Administration For Current Economic Woes

The Governor of Anambra state Charles Soludo has revealed that the past administration of Muhammadu Buhari had allegedly printed the sum of N22 trillion without doing the needful.

Soludo in a bid to give insight into the country’s epileptic economic, he maintenaned that the Buhari’s administration destroyed the economy.

“Literally, the past administration printed over 22 trillion (Naira) and poured into the system backed by nothing.”

“Now you have to grapple with high inflation, the impact on the exchange rate and all the destruction.

“I’m willing to give the government the benefit of the doubt. They just set up an economic team.

“But I am glad that at least, the first salvos have been fired by the president, by his courageous step to remove the obnoxious scam that has festered over the years called petrol subsidy and then dealing with the exchange rate.”

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