PDP Reveals Date For Wike’s Expulsion

PDP presidential campaign organization lawyer and spokesperson Daniel Bwala, has revealed that the FCT minister , Nyesom Wike, will be thrown out from the party at the ‘appropriate time.’

Bwala said that the party intentionally ignored Wike’s boastful claims adding that he loves drama.

In his words he said, “Why we hardly react generally to what he (Wike) says is because he loves drama; everybody knows that.

He added saying, “Believe me, the quietness of the party is not weakness. For everyone who is listening and sees what he is doing and the party is quiet about it, it is not a weakness. The party knows what it is doing.

“At the appropriate time, he would not only be suspended but expelled. Take that to the bank.”

“There is nothing wrong with a member of the PDP working in Tinubu’s government as long as that decision is reached by the party. “The party can sit down and decide that we should constitute a government of national unity.

“The party has not done that, and he is not the national chairman, nor is he the chairman of the board of trustees.

“I think everybody knows that he practically manipulated a lot of people and got them to work in his path until he achieved what he had achieved.”

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