Bobrisky Forsakes Fellow Crossdressers Arrested Holding A Mass Wedding In Delta

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky finally lent his voice to the viral reports of the recent gay wedding held in Delta state and attended by over 100 crossdressers.

According to Bobrisky, homosexuality is still illegal in Nigeria, he however advised fellow colleagues to move to another country and marry themselves if they think they can’t be without each other.

He wrote, “Hey guys!! I want to quickly address those set of guys who were arrested in delta. You see dis class is not actually meant for everyone. But I strongly believe you can learn from those Alist. Firstly there’s a law passed against you guys that you can’t marry urself in dis country why d hell did you all call urself together to organize a wedding. That’s d dumbest news have read dis week. You all deserve how you all were treated sad truth. If you feel you are in love with ur partner and you want to be together why not relocate to where you are welcome?”

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