Student Removes And Throws Her Shoe At Her Teacher During Class (Video)

In a viral video, an unidentified black American female teacher was seen in a class setting writing on a white board when suddenly a single shoe was threw at her.

The teacher was seen, calm but in shock and surprise, asking who the culprit was.

Upon investigation, the shocked teacher found a causasian student with one shoes on her leg!

But the impressive action displayed by the teacher has caused many social media users applaud her calmness and professionalism. Even though she asked the student to leave her class and called the police when she was adamant, she never for once lost her cool.

The student even went ahead trying to disrupt the class further and intentionally get on the affected teacher’s nerves, but the teacher didn’t bulge.

Netizens Reacts:

yinka228 commended: “The teacher is very professional , matured , patient and well cultured.”

havilahdivas101 reacted: “God sure made some people specially. wow”

wenbo_kris commended her too: “Her self control needs to be studied , she’s exceptional”


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