American Actress Jessica Simpson Under Critic For Allowing Her 11 Years old daughter Dress “Inappropriately”

Why are you letting your child dress like a 20-year old?- Angry Critic slams Actress, Jessica Simpson

Controversial 41-Year-Old American Actress Jessica Simpson has been thrown under strong critics for a recent Instagram picture post were  her daughter Maxwell, 11,  was seen dressed inappropriately

In the Instagram picture post, the actress daughter, was pictured posing in a crop-top. This has caused an uproar on social media.

The young girl has been receiving backlash too from angry fans who think she’s too young to be dressed like that.

One angry fan commented: ‘Why in the hell would you let your child dress like that is beyond me!!!’

Another posted: ‘Who lets their 11 year old child out of the house dressed like that?? Too busy trying to be her minor daughter’s best friend instead of being a responsible parent.

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