“Why Young Artistes Don’t Owe Me Recógnition As Legend” – 2face Idibia Says

Popular Nigerian singer-songwriter and record producer, 2face Idibia, has claimed that the younger generation of musicians owe him no attention as a legend.

The father of 7 said, that while he enjoys it when people show him respect in appreciation of his reputation as an industry legend, doing so is not mandatory.

The 47-year-old veteran revealed this during an interview with Afrobeats podcast, which was hosted by Adesope Olajide.

He said;
“Nobody owes me anything. For me, it [my legendary status] is there. It’s never going to go away. It doesn’t reduce who I’m if young artistes don’t recognise my legendary status.

“The only thing is, definitely, I appreciate it when people recognise my status as a legend. There’s nobody that won’t appreciate that. I appreciate when people recognise but I don’t take it too personal when they don’t. That one na the person ignorance.

“Nobody owes person anything because everybody that comes, they are going to tell their own stories. They are not going to start telling my own story. Every artist that comes up now, even if they get inspiration from me or anybody, they are going to use it to elevate themselves. And that is their own stories,” he added.

2face has won multiple awards in the past and still winning.

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