Pastor Commits Sacriledge By Ending His Life Over Lover’s Disappointment

A sad news reaching RantHq has it that a Pastor identified as Prosper Obum Igboke residing in Nnewi, Anambra state, Nigeria, has ended his life.
The Late Pentecostal Pastor was said to have committed su!c!de by jumping off a 2-storey building after he got jilted by his fiancee
The unidentified Fiancee was financed through school by late Pastor Igboke who thought he would eventually get married to her.Unknown to him, he was in a relationship with himself!
According to reports, on discovering this sad twist, he opted to ending his life.
A close relative who pleaded anonymous said:
“The incident happened last month. The man was 30 years old at the time of his death. His girlfriend, whom he intended to marry disappointed him after seeing her through the university.

“He jumped down from a two storey building and died. I am surprised that a man of this age and a pastor can do this.”
Late Igboke has been reportedly buried far away inside an “evil forest” due to the Sacriledgeous action he committed

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