If Your Wife Takes Her Drugs Without Skipping, You Will Enjoy Your Home – Chacha Eke’s Husband Says As He Reveals What A Doctor Told Him

Austin Faani, the husband to popular Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke, has revealed what a doctor told him about his wife, Chacha Eke’s health issues.

Recall, few years ago, the actress came out openly and revealed to the world that she’s suffering from Bipolar disorder and this makes her not to remember things or to become violent sometimes.

Her husband, Austin Faani, while speaking to audience during a workshop on mental health, he said;

“Her mental issues gets worse when she gets pregnant. It’s as if something is coming to take away that baby so that she will be fine. So it starts with pregnancy.”

He also shared some insights he gained after having a conversation with an older doctor who explained all of her temperaments to him.

The older counselor and doctor educated and adviced him on how to manage the situation. To his relief, she revealed to him that Chacha Eke’s mental condition could be treated and only involved her taking her drugs consistently.

“Once your wife can take her drugs, you will enjoy your marriage”

He went on to spill that the drugs were expensive and that the entire treatment was eating into his pockets.

He also recalled how she shouted on him in Ghana, saying; “Do you know what it feels like to have a mental illness?” And he had responded to her by saying; “Do you know what it feels like to live with someone that has a mental illness?”

The father of four revealed that her drugs are very expensive and has eaten deep into his pocket.

He also revealed how he has been to different churches and killed so many goats in order to get solution to his wife’s health issues.

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