Young Child Gets Long Tribal Marks From Teacher

A Nigerian mother has taken to a Facebook group known as  @Sobi101.9FM, to complain bitterly about how her young child got tribal marks from her teacher in a daycare.

The distraughted mother went ahead to seek advise from other mothers in the group asking how to get rid of the marks.

The mother wrote;

Mummies in house pls help a worried mother, I registered my baby in one daycare close to my shop. So after closing, I went to pick my child. So on getting there, her teacher started begging me that she mistakenly burnt my baby face with a hot fork. According to her, she said she didn’t know my baby was standing behind her while she was cooking. So this is my baby’s face after the black ones have peeled off. Will the mark go away? What should I apply to make this mark go pls help.

Below was their responses:

@Hollarmilekan Haremu: This mark will go by applying honey on that scar, since it’s not natural tribal mark which usually deep,…

@Mary Ojo Arimoro: What kind of daycare is dat’ y will u b cooking where u ar teaching

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