Househelp Nabbed,She Tried To Mix Liquid From Her Sanitary Pad Into Her Employer’s Palm Oil Keg

A viral strange incident shared on social media entails the interrogation of a maid, who was accused of pouring liquid derived from her menstrual pad into a keg of palm oil, has gained significant and mixed reactions on social media platforms.

The maid, who is identified as Faith Aduchi hails from Abia state, was revealed to be caught holding a cup filled with red liquid.

According to a witness present at the scene, Faith was given the task of transferring palm oil from a large container to a smaller one typically used on a daily basis. However, the witness claims that Faith’s employer unexpectedly entered the room during the process.

On entry to the room, she was found trying to mix a reddish liquid from her sanitary pad into the keg of red palm oil she was asked to bring.

This is strange indeed.

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