Atiku To Expose Tinubu Certificate Scandal

The 2023 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate Special Assistant on Public Communications Phrank Shaibu, has maintained that President Bola Tinubu has no hiding place as far as his certificate scandal is concerned.

Shaibu revealed that Atiku is doing all he can to expose Tinubu certification.

Shaibu said: “In the last week, Nigerians have been watching the ongoing ministerial screening at the Senate where nominees have been made to reveal their primary, secondary and university history. Some of the ministerial nominees were even classmates with the senators screening them.

“However, the man who nominated them has no educational history. He has no primary school, secondary school or university classmates. This is because he has no classmates. He actually fell from the sky.

“This is a man whose entire life, background and credentials remain unknown and Atiku will ensure that the man is exposed.

Shaibu stressed that the president’s life history must be above board.

“Unfortunately, here we have a president whose history is shrouded in secrecy and for whom it is as though his life started in 1993.

“The moment of truth is here and President Tinubu has no hiding place.”

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