Surviving Against All Odds: Rescued Nigerian Stowaways Share Harrowing Tale of Drinking Urine for 14 Days on Ship’s Rudder

An incredible, life-threatening journey of two Nigerian men across 3,500 miles (5,600 kilometers) of open ocean, from Lagos, Nigeria to Vitória, Brazil, has been shared on Social media

The victims, Thank GodYeye aged 38 and Roman Friday aged 35 shared their ordeal while on their journey to Brazil from Nigeria in a bid to flee from it’s hardship and difficulties.

“It was a terrible experience for me. On board, it is not easy. I was shaking, so scared. But I’m here,” Yeye of one the stowaways said.

During their perilous voyage, the two men ingeniously crafted a makeshift net around the ship’s rudder to prevent themselves from falling into the treacherous waters. They also recounted witnessing the presence of majestic marine creatures such as whales and sharks in the vast ocean.

For 14 days, the men survived on a ship drinking their urine when their food and water finished

After two weeks of the journey, the Brazilian police force of Southeastern port of Vitória were able to rescue them.

The two men have both applied for Asylum but have been deported back to Nigeria

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