Ghanaian Man Prepares For A Memorial Service To Honor His Beloved Departed Dog Companion.

Netizens have been left in shock and amazement when a man who lost his dog companion posted an obituary for his beloved canine

In the post, the man made a banner announcing the demise of his pet and plans for a memorial service for his dog known as Dodoo

On the banner it was outlined that the dog lived from year 1999-2023. The memorial service will take place at the Bubiashe C.A.C in Accra, Ghana.

All and sundry are invited to the event.

Check Out reactions from Netizens below:

GhFlavour said: “No one talking about the time (800am).”

Ola_bobby said: “Who else uses a calculator to calculate the dog’s age?”

integritylyf reacted: “Widow’s name and children please.”

thatlonelygirl said: “Upon all the bad government in this country, people are still catching cruise.”

MAEL_IG1O said: “This is the real definition of you lived a worthy life.” 

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