Manchester United is the biggest club in England – Andre Onana.

Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana says Manchester United is the biggest club in England during an interview with club media. 

United finished their 2023 tour with a defeat against Borussia Dortmund on Monday, with Onana featuring during the second half in Las Vegas.

“I’m very excited, but like I’ve said, we are the biggest club in England,” he told MUTV post-match in Nevada.

“We are one of the biggest clubs in the world, so everything is about winning. We have to start to win things and prizes.

“We have to fight for everything and we are ready. I know we if we keep working hard, how we are doing now, everything will be right.”

Speaking out regarding his first few weeks at the club, the 27-year-old said how appreciative he is for the opportunities he has been given thus far.

“[It’s a] big thing, but big responsibility or not, I’m very happy,” he declared. “I’m happy for my debut. I’m happy about my game, for my minutes, and especially the way we play, we controlled the games.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win the last two games, but it’s something we have to learn from. We have to score some goals and I’m very confident, very positive.

“I know if we keep working how we are doing right now, we are [heading in] the right direction and I know everything will be fine.

“[It’s] something amazing, something great, being here for me, as I said already, but it’s a long way to go.

“[It’s a] very big club, great players, so the expectation is higher. So we want to win everything and we’ll fight for it. We’ll do everything to be successful this year.”

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