BBNaija All Stars: Fans Reacts As Doyin Called Kiddwaya F@t @$$ B!tch

It is another in the Big Brother’s House, yet Housemates Doyin and Ilebaye were having a conversation which led both of them talking about their boyfriends. In the process Doyin b0dy$h@med Kidd which didn’t go well with the fans.

Their conversation is below..

Doyin: You see the other one, the US one, he deals with my attitude so well. He’s just like shut the f#ck up b!tch ans I’m like, ahhh oh my goodness.

Ilebaye: thats so sexy, it calms me down.

Doyin: I’m like yes daddy.

Ilebaye: yes daddyyyyy.

Doyin: I told him the highest I’d do with anyone in this house is kiss nothing more. And i was liking that fat ass b!tch but now i don’t like him anymore.

llebaye: but you know you can kiss him and let him go.

Doyin: naa.

Ilebaye: I want to goan kiss, and kiss and kiss again.

Doyin: just make sure you dont loose your mind, cuz these n!ggas are not serious.

Ilebaye: for who? Leave my man for who?

Doyin: today Ike was telling me, ohh we can play a game, we can be together. I said bro you cannot handle me, if we’re together you’re gonna be kneeling at my feet everyday, sucking my toes.

llebaye: OMG that’s so f#cking sexy

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