Olufemi Ajadi Slams President Tinubu Over Recycling Old Politicians As Ministers

Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo of the New Nigeria People’s Part (NNPP), has accused President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of recycling of old politicians as cabinet minister.

He said this while reacting to Tinubu’s minister-nominees on Monday.

Oguntoyinbo, a gubernatorial election candidate of NNPP in 2023 in Ogun State expressed his disappointment , saying the expectations of Nigerians were not met as young and energetic persons were expected as ministers.

“We are expecting young and energetic Nigerians as Ministers. The recycling of old politicians in Tinubu’s cabinet is a disappointment.

“Nigerians at this time needed committed, highly resourceful youths, not recycling of old and bemused politicians, most of whom did nothing tangible in the states they ruled for eight years.

“President Tinubu is getting it wrong with the calibre of people he has picked to work with. Most of the Ministerial nominees have been in government since 1999.

“First of all, you can no longer delay the palliatives because your policies are bitting hard on ordinary Nigerians ,” he noted.

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