BBNaija All Stars: Cross advices Pere to give CeeC Space And Also To Avoid Cruise From Her Attention

The morning was almost ticking off from Monday, the last day of July 2023. The Housemates in the Big Brother’s house are still on screen plays at different activities likely to happen around them. On a quick one to viewers focus, Pere Settled down with Cross in a discussion about Pere’s friendship with CeeC, where CeeC advices Pere severally.

The conversation below…

Pere: the only reason and I’m not talking to CeeC is because she told me not to talk to her.

Pere added… “CeeC is forming attitude because i did not take her side during her f!ght with Alex. She’s very manipulat!ve but she can’t man!pulate a guy like me. Just be you, be real, no need to do all the extra n0nsense sh!t”

Cross responded; “Do you think their rivalry is actually planned? Like they do these things for their highlights? They’ve been in the same season and seen how these things worked for them”. “it’s either Alex is starting to like you and she wants something to stop herself, or maybe she is seeing something, So give her space”

Pere responded again, saying; “yes I will give her space you know me. They shouldn’t come and use me to do their stup!d rivalry. That their n0nsense rivalry something”. “I think that they’re using me to catch cruise, to cont!nue their useless bloody narrative”.

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