“Wike Got Rewarded Just Like Judas”- Shehu Sani

Former controversial Senator of the Kaduna Central Shehu Sani, has opined that former governor of Rivers state Nyesom Wike has only been rewarded for the hatchet job done for the All progressive Congress (APC) while as a PDP card bearer. He argued that he doesn’t understand how the president elect will come to terms with someone who betrayed his party for his sake.

According to Shehu in an interview, he said, “As far as Wike is concerned, I think he has gotten his own 30 pieces of silver for the work he has done for the ruling party as a PDP Chieftain, so that’ll be. How Tinubu is going to contain him and how he’s going to accommodate him is a different thing, but I know that for Tinubu, the message is this: Tinubu has admitted and enlisted people who betray others, hoping that they will be faithful, loyal, and honest to him, and they’ll serve the country with all their strength, so all we can say to Tinubu is so help you, God, because it’s like now, you’re getting married to someone who has betrayed another person, hoping that that person will be faithful to you, so this is what it is.”

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