We will fight like hell against Nigeria – Ireland’s Marissa Sheva.

Republic of Ireland’s Marissa Sheva has asserted that her team will fight like hell when they clash against Nigeria in the last group games on Monday during an interview with BBC Sports.

Republic of Ireland mathematically have exited the World Cup after suffering two loses on the streak to Canada and Australia. The most vulnerable team in the group have now declared a war against Nigeria via Marissa Sheva.

While speaking to BBC Sports, she said:


“I am so proud of this team for that reason. We will go into that next game in Brisbane and we will fight like hell.

“We will try to come back with a result for Ireland, the fans who came out here to watch us and to show just how good this team is.

“You saw it at times. We’re so close to being one of the best teams in the world, everyone can see that.

“With this being our first tournament, the fact we are so disappointed that we held Canada to a 2-1 and it could have been a very different result, I think you see that.

“We’ll be back but we definitely have business to finish with Nigeria.”

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