BBN All Stars: “I’ll Pay Instablog to Expose My Chats With Pere” — CeeC

The season Eight BBNaija All Stars housemates have been caught up in a heated altercation between CeeC and Alex.

CeeC has now made some startling claims about her conversations with Pere.

In a conversation with Doyin, CeeC revealed that while they were sleeping, she disclosed to Doyin that Alex used Rico Swavey’s death for clout, and people criticised her for it.

CeeC express her belief furthermore that Alex will bring Pere down, just as she believes Alex ruined Tobi in a past season of the reality tv show.

According to CeeC, Alex always wants what she has, and Pere’s growing closeness to Alex has made her think that he is jealous of her and Cross. She further threatened to expose her chats with Pere to Instablog (a popular social media news platform) since Pere has decided to be with Alex as she did in a previous season with Tobi.

CeeC’s vow to expose Pere remains unclear. It could be that she is upset with Pere just for supporting Alex and their friendship, or it might be a reflection of her bitterness towards the bond Alex and Pere shares.

Viewers eagerly await more revelations and explanations to shed light on the situation.

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