“Help Me Thank God, Last Week I Couldn’t Talk Or Eat, I Thought I Was Prègnant” — Teni Opens Up On Health Struggles

Popular Nigerian singer, Teni, has opened up on how she struggled to survive last week when she felt sick.

She revealed that she felt so sick to the extent that she thought she was pregnant because she couldn’t open her mouth to eat nor talk.

Teni, while displaying some of the medications she had to take before getting herself back, she also asked her fans to help her thank God for restoring back her health.

In a few seconds video shared via her social media; the sugar mummy of Lagos said;

“I am happy today because I feel much better. You guys should help me thank God. I was not feeling well and was sad last week.

“I couldn’t open my mouth last week to talk or eat. I slept to the extent that my eyeballs rolled back, and I kept wondering if I was pregnant”.

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