‘Onana is not as good as De Gea’ – Dwight Yorke.

Former Manchester United and Aston Villa Dwight Yorke has asserted that former Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea is better than newly signed Cameroon Andre Onana who is expected to step into De Gea’s position.

Dwight advised Manchester to be careful for what they wish for, reminding the Red Devils that De Gea was last season’s golden glove winner and such a high-profile keeper should not have been treated that way by the club he pledged his club allegiance to for several years.

Speaking to MEN news outlet, Dwight said:

“I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt Manchester United now they’ve bought Andre Onana. Be careful what you wish for. De Gea is the Golden Glove winner, a high-profile player who has made mistakes, like the rest of us. In my opinion, Onana is not as good as De Gea and people need to watch him very carefully.”

Andre Onanamade his debut days ago during their pre season friendly against Real Madrid – in which they suffered a 2-0 defeat to Los Blancos.

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