“I Only Have One Child”- Davido’s Second Baby Mama, Denies Welcoming A Second Child With The Singer, Dràgs Gistlover

Amanda, Davido’s second baby mama, has denied given birth to the singer for the second time, adding that she only has one child.

In April, Gistlover posted that Davido had fathered another child with one of his baby mamas.

However report at that time said, that Amanda who is Davido’s second Baby mama, was pregnant and later gave birth in April.

Amanda while reacting to the false report by the blogger, said;

“Dùmb ass Gistlover or whatever it’s called you tryna find confirmation and proof for that story u posted so badly that ur claiming someone’s else kid is my child! Well for your record I only have one child and ONE CHILD ONLY! Just take this L and move on! Your story will never add up! I never debunk shit but a least have some respect for the child’s actual parents. Miserable people”.

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