“I Am Waiting For The Drama Dèvil To Talk” – Actress Rita Edochie Says As She Dràgs Judy Austin Like Tiger Generator

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Edochie, the sister-in-law to Pete Edochie, has called out actress Judy Austin for snatching actor Yul Edochie from his wife, May Edochie.

Taking to her comment section, Rita Edochie stated that she is waiting for Judy Austin, who she referred to as ‘Drama Devil’ to talk so she can go on live and expose her evil deeds.

The thespian also dragged those supporting Judy Austin’s action, adding that May Edochie is going through a lot.

She wrote in the comment box;
“Snatch my husband anyhow, I correct you anyhow by sending you to God knows where.

“No be every woman you fit snatch him husband now.

“For you weh snatch Yul, time don come to release him. Yes na me talk am.

“I am still the fear that fear fears.

“I am actually waiting for drama dev!l to talk so I can now come live but for all of you supporting this ev!l, your generation to generation will go through what queen May is going through so that you will understand how it tastes.”

She however, posted a voice saying, “If a man can choose a second wife over you, trust me, he can choose a third wife over you, the second wife. Coming to break someone’s home, entering the home and feeling you have gained ground; it’s a matter of time.

“If you can snatch another somebody’s husband from the person, trust me, another person can snatch that man from you. Anybody can snatch him. It’s just a matter of time for the right person to come and snatch him.

“Don’t forget, that woman you snatched him from was actually feeling that at a time in her life, she was the chosen one. Trust me, the table will flip one day then, you’ll understand the pain of what it means to snatch what is not yours.

“Women are not even looking for single men again. People sef wey dey inside relationship, look for them, scatter their relationship; it’s quite understandable.

“And I pray, that pain that gives you joy by creating pain for another person, another person will collect that same joy from you and make you understand what a double pain is.”

The politician vowed to unleash fury on Yul’s ‘captor’ who she referred to as the ‘drama devil’, praying those supporting the ‘evil’ against May would suffer the same fate generationally.

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