BBNaija All Stars: Housemates Shocked As Ilebaye Mentions Ronaldo As A Name Of A Football Club.

After a competitive evening on the arena ground which saw Team Guardians of the coins and Team Mavericks emerge winners of the first BBNaija all stars arena games, the Shine Ya eye contestants decided to loosen up with a game of concentration which comes with Truth or Dare or drink as a punishment.

Ceec had failed a game and was instructed by the game master, Neo, to initiate the next concentration round using football clubs.

The BBN All Stars Housemates were expected to mention a name of a football club and it was to go round till someone falters.

Ceec mentioned Chelsea and Kiddwaya mentioned Arsenal. However, when it got to Ilebaye’s turn, she mentioned ‘Ronaldo’.

Her response left everyone stunned and eventually cracking up.

They couldn’t believe their ears and didn’t couldn’t stop themselves from laughing out loud.

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