BBNaija All Stars: CeeC Snubs Whitemoney’s Harmless Offer, Discuss Beef

CeeC started experiencing some sought of pain around her waist region some hours after their morning workout routine, and hoped it disappears. Whitemoney offered to provide the chiropractic service to CeeC, after hearing that she was truly suffering from the pain.

CeeC rather found a spot to rest her legs and back, hoping that the pain would go away. Moments later, she and whitemoney got connected, but never brought up the topic of massaging or chiropractic gestures to ease the body ache.

CeeC however, felt appreciated towards the kindness Whitemoney offered to help her recover from the pain, but she never beckon to it as a priority to heal off it.

Still in their conversation, they both talked about Alex’s beef and CeeC reiterated that not in the next one hundred years would she ever relate with her sworn enemy in Big Brother Naija House.

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