BBNaija All Stars: Tolanibaj Interrupts Ilebaye and Neo’s Bed Time Moment They Were Sharing

Hours after the evening pool party in the Biggie’s house, was the truth and dare game. Yet, another altercation among some housemates happened. But this time around, it was between Tolanibaj and Ilebaye.

It started shortly after the Truth or Dare game played in the wee hours of Friday morning. As the housemates retired to bed, Ilebaye decided to spend the night with Neo who it seemed she had a crush on and the later agreed.

Both of them were having good time together on bed, when Tolanibaj, angrily stood up and pulled the bed cover off from them

, ordering Ilebaye to return to her room.

Ilebaye and Neo got upset over Tolanibaj’s actions.

Ilebaye refused Tolanibaj’s command and continued laying back which forced Tolanibaj to seize their duvet.

Neo tried collecting back his duvet from Tolanibaj. However, Tolanibaj refused to let go and Neo eventually had to give up after dragging for his duvet for some minutes with her.

Tolanibaj kept insisting that Ilebaye would leave the room, that she doesn’t like her energy. She threatened that if Ilebaye won’t leave the room then her friendship with him is over. After some moments, Neo left the two ladies to sort themselves out. But Ilebaye wasn’t ready to continue staying there without Neo there to defend her.

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