BBNaija All Stars: Venita Exposes Ike’s Mission to BBN House

It was in Biggie’s house, where the all stars Housemates were having a discussion. Though not too serious, Ike felt quite embarrassed when she Venita leaked the secrets about his activities and how often he comes over to perform the act.

As they all gathered to talk about matters outside Biggie’s house, Venita suddenly revealed that Ike comes to her house to shoot TikTok videos and skits for his TikTok page.

She also said in belief that, it must be that her place is way more conducive and aesthetically modified than Ike’s place, for him to come over on different occasions.

In the same conversation, Venita tries to involve Kidwaya and noted that she recognises that his money and hers are not mates.

However, Ike was quick to defend himself when he revealed that; he did not shot the TikTok videos and skits alone, he claimed he shot them with Venita inclusively and also insisting that Venita only wants to make him look funny while vindicating herself in the front of other housemates.

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