BBNaija All Stars: Whitemoney and Mercy Eke Ready to Play Trick On Their Fellow Housemates

Whitemoney and Mercy Eke Allegedly Hatching Victory Plans to play tricks on their fellow Housemates.

Social media conversations, surfaced that fan’s favorites housemates; Whitemoney and Mercy Eke are secretly plotting to secure victory by playing tricks on their fellow housemates. This bombshell dropped on Twitter, this afternoon 27th of July, 2023, when Netizens discovered cryptic conversations circulating online, involving Whitemoney and Mercy Eke.

These duo, known for their strong personalities and strategic gameplay, has apparently been brainstorming tactics to stay ahead in the competition. As news of their supposed collaboration spread like wildfire, the hashtag #BBNaijaVictoryPlot trended on Twitter, generating intense debate among fans. Using screenshots and snippets of conversations, Netizens began hovering together the puzzle surrounding Whitemoney and Mercy Eke’s alleged victory plot. Due to lack of a better evidence, Netizens couldn’t help, but they rather immerse themselves in the juicy conspiracy theories.

Different opinions arises on the same issue. Some argued that strategic planning and alliances are natural within the game, asserting that Whitemoney and Mercy Eke are merely playing the game to win. Others expressed disappointment, highlighting the importance of honesty and fair play, believing that such scheming takes away from the authenticity of the show.

Both Whitemoney and Mercy Eke have maintained radio silence on the allegations. Their Fans readily await the response of these housemates, waiting to hear their own side of the story and determine the extent of their involvement in the alleged plot.

BBN Officials released an official statement acknowledging this matte, the statement emphasized their commitment to ensuring a fair playing field for all contestants and pledged to thoroughly investigate the allegations. The statement also urged fans and viewers to exercise patience and not jump to conclusions based solely on social media buzz.

The intensified speculation has transformed the show into a battleground of wits, leaving Netizens in dire anticipation to the true intentions of Whitemoney and Mercy Eke.

Nigerian Twitter community continues hinting hard on this debate; the race for the trophy escalates, which at one effort, is making the BBNaija All Stars season the most intriguing edition yet.

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