BBNaija All Stars: Gay Housemates? – Viewers React To Trending Video

BBNaija All Stars housemates has earlier attached an age warning to it’s show earlier as this reminds that activities likely to take place amongst the housemates can include explicit contents.

Watching close to your screen, Housemates Ike and Neo have been labelled as gay after their physical mutual action sparked controversy online. Both of them were involved in a game that has to do with housemate sharing paper.

The game is such that you will use a kiss to pick up a paper and then with the paper still on your lips pass it to the next person who will use his or lips to accept it as well. Neo was the housemate, who initially introduced the game and most of the housemates already agreed to play.

The game was going well as they were passing it to opposite sexes, until it was left with Neo and Ike. So Neo had now used his lips to pick the paper and passed it to Ike, who also used his lips to collect it. Netizens quickly captioned this moment and Labelled Neoenergy and Ike’s act as homosexualism, because when passing the paper it is more like you are sharing a kiss with the next the person who is receiving it.

Amongst every other games which viewers are used to in every Big Brother show, such as; truth or dare, naming of countries, naming actors, and so on.. The inclusion of this game introduced by Neo is like one which is out of the box, Viewers acclaimed.

Many have said the show is now promoting homosexuality, which is a red flag in Nigeria and other Netizens said the BBN Show has always promoted immoral things and this is just of them in record.

The organisers has however not said anything as regards this accusations leveled against Neo and Ike by viewers.

Rant Hq will always update you as it happens live from the house. You think you miss anything at all?

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