BBNaija All Stars: Adekunle loses his Voice, As Cee-C Threatens The Life of Housemate

Over 5 years now, BBN CeeC and BBN Alex have kept on this f!ght since the 3rd season titled Double Wahala. These two quickly fell out, as Cee-C was sidelined, and dubbed the villain. In the life of the party, Alex remained by bestie, Tobi Bakare’s side, gossiping about Cee-C.

The fact that Cee-C was alone and it seemed that the whole house had sided with Alex, CeeC became so depressed and nearly gave up from the reality tv show. However, Nina and Miracle tried to extend a hand of friendship occasionally.

As at the Third edition, when Cee-c won the runner-up, it came as no surprise. The lady was a force to reckon with. We can debate whether she deserved the poor treatment of her fellow housemates. Nevertheless, you cannot argue with her resilience.

Fast forwarding the times to this season eight, Cee-C came in trying to ditch her previous narrative. She came in vibrant and laid back. However, her bliss was short-lived as Alex began to taunt her with the past experiences.

When asked to discuss their highlights to help with the wager task, Alex decided that her highlight would be Cee-c getting a strike. Alex was also tasked with writing the script for the wager task. This is something she wanted herself.

CeeC never asked for hands, but diligently wrote in the room while others ate and played games in the living room.

Once the script was ready, CeeC briefed the housemates. However, she also threw her remarks at those who had issue with her story. Cee-c and Uriel automatically became Alex’s enemy.

She accused them of not contributing to the preparation of the wager but only criticising what was already done.

Cee-c was provoked to defend herself, explaining how Princess could vouch for her efforts. Housemates stepped in to diffuse the dispute.

While narrating her frustration to Cross, She cited certain statements that Alex had made. “Queen of Spartacus”, She laughed.

Alex threw jabs at her fanbase. She found it hilarious that she was bothered by them. She went on to tell Cross that if they were outside, she would send boys to beat Alex up. We are sure Cee-C said this in the heat of the moment.

Nevertheless, it was uncalled for.

Their fight had a part Two earlier today as they prepared for their wager. Cee-c kindly requested that her story should change. Alex had written everyone’s highlight but only made Cee-C’s own about her strike. She narrated the story of how Cee-c got a strike because of her altercation with Lolu.

Alex was reluctant to change the script because it was quite late. Cee-C fell angered, requesting that she wanted Alex to refrain from calling her name. Of course, Alex called Cee_c after throwing shade at her when addressing the housemates.

This caused a serious argument network both of them, which made HOH Adekunle to yell angrily at them. In the act of shouting, Adekunle lost his voice.

Alex and CeeC just avoid the memory of the past in the present. This can never make them get along with each other. Therefore, Alex is soon to provoke Cee-C into a strike and it seems wildly calculated.

So tell us, whose side are you on?

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