‘Keep Africa’s hope alive’ NFF President charges falcons ahead of their second game.

The President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Ibrahim Gasau has charged the Super Falcons to keep Africa’s hope alive as they set to face co-host Australia in their second momentous game of the FIFA Women’s World Cup against host Australia on Thursday. 

Following the colossal defeat Morocco and Zambia suffered and the late-minute defeat Bayana Bayana experienced in their first game – Nigeria remains the central hope of Africa at the World Cup, being the only team to earn a point and a clean sheet.

Recalling the girls’ terrific effort against Canada, NFF President Ibrahim Gasau encourages the team to shun their past accomplishments and focus on attaining a victory over Australia.

“The Australians may pose a formidable challenge, but with unyielding determination and an unwavering commitment to the ball, we can prevail,” he said.

“I am charging the girls to go all out. This is a match in which we need to score goals,” the NFF boss said.

To qualify for the knockout round, Nigeria needs a win against Australia and at least a draw against the Republic of Ireland, regardless of the outcome of the game between Canada and the Republic of Ireland.

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