BBNaija All Stars: Mercy Prophesy Doom on Adekunle

Ever since Adekunle won the Head of House to become the first housemate to win the title in this All stars edition, and as the tradition may have it, Adekunle is safe from eviction come Sunday, 31st of July, 2023.

Mercy Eke and Adekunle had encountered a brief beef with each other. After the Head of House game, Adekunle became the winner, and everyone went back to their normal business. Mercy was waiting outside along with a few other housemates expecting Adekunle to come and read the wager brief, but the HOH did not come out.

This action did not go well with Mercy as she challenged Adekunle and told him that he will lose his wager as the Head of House. It is always bad when the house loses a wager in the reign of any Head of House. This makes the person feel like he or she has failed in leadership. So Adekunle was on his thoughts that the whole housemates must have been exhausted from the day’s work so they can read the wager the next day, but Mercy walked out on them not willing to listen as she was bent on them reading the wager brief that same minute.

Mercy said they claimed to be exhausted but they were all gisting and laughing instead of sleeping as tired people should do. A couple of other housemates came to caution her on why she walked always on them and not just Adekunle. But Mercy replied the fellow housemates that she will do it to anybody and not just Adekunle alone and that they should deal with it.

Adekunle however gathered the other housemates and explained to them why the brief was not read, he said he believed they are all tired and it will be better to read it when they are all agile and awake. But what Mercy did has made him come up with something. The HOH made it clear that everyone will at one point or order be the Head of House and the actions he gets from them during his own reign are how he will act in their own reign. He stated that Peradventure, Mercy she wins the Head of House he will also walk out on her.

While many are saying it will not be nice to do so, the question now is; is this game of all-stars a power game, because they are all people of influence and they are all trying to let their own voices be heard at all cost?

Adekunle has however said he will address the issue in the morning when she will be around but is it not too early for this whole drama is what viewers are asking.

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