BBNaija All Stars: Ike Exposes Mercy Eke’s Secret, Allowing Netizens to React On The Internet

The season eight of the Big Brother Naija RealityTV is getting interesting, day by day. From the first day in the house, when Ike pronounced in a gist with his fellow housemate about how he expected to have slept with a female housemate on their arrival to the house that night. Hence, the media has it again that Ike yet, shows the viewers how bothered he is by Mercy Eke presence in the Big Brother’s house, as well as doing everything he can to turn hearts against her.

While it is alright to be strategic and make moves to keep oneself longer in the game, much is expected from people who were previously dating and claimed to be in love.

Ike shared his opinions while having a conversation with Angel, and from Ike’s point of view, a winner before should not be allowed to win. He seems to be approaching the game with sentimentality and appealing to the audience to do the same.

His feelings would have been considered if it didn’t feel like it was coming from a place of jealousy or obsession as fans have claimed. Ike reveals to Angel how the kind of person Mercy is, which makes him want to stay away from her for a while.

According to Ike, she’s the kind that when given the chance would want to take advantage of another person. This seems to be her behavior that is hidden from the public but Ike has vowed that he will never cross that line again.

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